DemoGPT Development Roadmap

Our goal is to enable DemoGPT to accomplish anything that can be done. We aim to turn a single static idea into a dynamic evolving product. That's why, we have outlined the following development roadmap:

βœ… Phase 1: 🐣 DemoGPT First Release

  • It is able to generate basic apps using few shot learning

βœ… Phase 2: πŸ‘ΆπŸ» DemoGPT Base Model Release with New Pipeline

  • Implement a new DemoGPT pipeline including plan generation, task creation, code snippet generation, and final code assembly.
  • Define useful LangChain tasks and publish a release with the new pipeline without refinement.

🟩 Phase 3: 🦜 Expanding the LangChain Tasks

  • It will expand the model capability

🟩 Phase 4: πŸ’¬ Feedback Mechanism

  • Regenerate the app based on the given feedback

🟩 Phase 5: 🦍 API Integration and Expansion

  • Integrate the Gorilla model for API calls.
  • Add Rapid API for expanding available API calls.

🟩 Phase 6: 🌎 Marketplace (Showcase Page)

  • New apps will be generated by users

🟩 Phase 7: 🌎 Marketplace (Generation Page)

  • Extend DemoGPT's capabilities to create react-based applications, leveraging a self-refining strategy for continuous improvement of application performance.

🟩 Phase 8: πŸ€– Agent Integration

  • Other agents could be selected as a tool to generate new applications. Like If the user want to generate Non-LLM based app gpt-engineer will be available to generate this app idea

🟩 Phase 9: πŸ’» API Generation as an Output

  • As a second option the app will be generated as API instead of UI

🟩 Phase 10: πŸ–‡οΈ Integrations

  • The generated apps will be used within the other well known platforms such as notion

This roadmap will guide our development efforts, and we look forward to sharing our progress with the community as we work towards making DemoGPT an indispensable tool for app development.