src/plan/chains/prompts/task_list Module

The src/plan/chains/prompts/task_list module is a subdirectory of the src/plan/chains/prompts module in the DemoGPT project. It contains the files related to the tasks and their definitions.

Files in src/plan/chains/prompts/task_list

  • Executes bash commands and provides results.
  • Provides weather forecasts, conditions, and related information.
  • Solves complex math problems and equations.
  • Extracts and provides specific information from files in response to questions.
  • Summarizes long text into concise and relevant information.
  • Stores and retrieves conversation history or contextual information.
  • Generates intelligent text output, such as questions or responses, from a given context or input.
  • Transforms the input text into a list.
  • Finds information online to answer user queries.
  • Routes queries to the appropriate handler based on context or type.
  • Provides a mechanism for users to upload a file and return its content as string.
  • Gets input from the user via a text field.
  • Shows text output to the user.


The src/plan/chains/prompts/task_list module contains the definitions of all tasks used in the DemoGPT pipeline. Each task has a specific purpose and is good at performing a certain function. The tasks range from getting user input and showing output to the user, to generating intelligent text output, transforming text into a list, routing queries, answering questions that require external search on the web, summarizing long text, answering questions related to a file, solving math problems, executing bash commands, and providing weather-related information.