🧩 Welcome to DemoGPT Documentation

As DemoGPT team, we transform a static idea into a dynamic product. Our ultimate goal is to democratize software development and make application development simple, efficient, and accessible.

📜 Brief Description

Our value proposition is creating fully functional LLM-based applications from a prompt.

🛠️ Core Functionalities

DemoGPT's core functionalities revolve around four main steps:

  1. Planning: DemoGPT starts by generating a plan from the user's instruction.
  2. Task Creation: It then creates specific tasks from the plan and instruction.
  3. Code Snippet Generation: These tasks are transferred into code snippets.
  4. Final Code Assembly: The code snippets are combined into a final code, resulting in an interactive Streamlit app.

These functionalities allow DemoGPT to transform user instructions into interactive applications, making it a powerful tool for LLM-based application development.

🗂️ Project Structure

The project is organized into several modules and files. Here's a brief overview of the project structure:

Please navigate through the documentation for a detailed understanding of the project.